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External dimension

Terrorism is a global phenomenon that requires a global response. Much of the terrorist threat to Europe originates outside the EU. In recognition of this fact, the EU agenda is a worldwide one. The security of the EU is closely linked with developments in other countries, particularly in the neighbouring states, by assisting them in introducing and implementing the necessary mechanisms to disrupt terrorism, in co-ordination with the work of other donors. A programme of specific assistance projects is already been taken forward with key countries. The EU will also work to reinforce the international consensus through the United Nations and other international bodies and through dialogue and agreements (which include counter-terrorism clauses) with key partners, and will work for agreement of a UN Comprehensive Convention against Terrorism. Assistance will be provided to priority countries to help them.

Counter-terrorism is an integral element of the EU's relations with third countries, both in terms of political dialogue and of co-operation more generally, including through the adoption of counter-terrorism clauses in agreements. The EU has intensified the dialogue on counter-terrorism with third countries, from Morocco to Indonesia.

The EU provides aid and technical assistance to countries lacking the capability to implement the common legal framework set out by UN Resolutions and Conventions. Counter-terrorism assistance is already part of the aid strategy of the EU.

Trans-Atlantic cooperation is a key component of the EU's strategy. With the US, close cooperation exists in areas ranging from the financing of terrorism to the protection of transport and borders. Ground-breaking agreements have been concluded on mutual legal assistance and extradition. US authorities are working increasingly closely with Europol and Eurojust.

At the Troïka meeting with Russia in Brussels on 22 and 23 November 2007, the leaders reaffirmed that the fight against terrorism is a crucial element in the further consolidation of the common space for freedom, security and justice, approved at the Moscow Summit, on 10 May 2005.

An important part of the emphasis on the external dimension of the fight against terror involves working closely with the United Nations. The EU and the UN share common values which underpin all our actions in this field: rule of law, good governance and respect for human rights.

The EU is working hard to promote the universal ratification of all 12 UN Conventions in the fight against terrorism. The EU is also keen to see the adoption of a Comprehensive Convention on Terrorism.

The EU has fully implemented the Al-Qaida and Taliban sanctions regime set out in UN Resolutions 1267 and1373 . The list of terrorist organisations and individuals adopted by the 1267 Committee is transposed automatically into Community legislation. Listing has limited the travel and financial activities, activities of terrorists and terrorists organisations.
The UN and EU have similar agendas in addressing factors underlying recruitment and support for terrorism. The EU and its Member States have been contributing to a growing number of global peace-keeping operations and are also the world's largest providers of official development aid. But looking beyond this, the EU is seeking to engage with moderate Muslims in defense of our common commitment to a humane society, free of terrorism.

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